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Titus.jpg (54805 bytes)     Greetings, my name is Titus Fortner, and this is my homepage

    At 23 years old, I’m a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy, making me a lowly Ensign in the US Navy.  My life is the Navy's property until May 2003 (not that I’m counting or anything). 

    While at the Academy, I majored in Mathematics, and was Captain of the Naval Academy Debate Team.  Learn more about my activities at USNA here.

    I spent last Summer working with the Debate Team on a temporary duty status while waiting to go to the Navy's Nuclear Power School.  I put together a Newsletter for Navy Debate Alumni and designed the Debate Team's web pages.

    The most challenging six months of my life were completed recently as I graduated from the Navy's Nuclear Power School in the beginning of June.  My parents came out for the graduation and I had a really good time with them while they were here.  I guess it is the first time that they have really stayed in my home, which made for an interesting change of pace.

    I'm still in Charleston, SC, but now I'm going through the Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit, which is more well known as Prototype.  We get to work on an actual reactor, standing the watches and conducting the drills.  I'll be here through December '99.  For more of what I'm doing and future plans, go here.


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