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Titus.jpg (54805 bytes)     Greetings, my name is Titus Fortner, and this is my homepage

    At 22 years old, I’m a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy, making me a lowly Ensign in the US Navy.  My life is the Navy's property until May 2003 (not that I’m counting or anything). 

I received a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics.  Here is the abstract for the paper I wrote for my Honors Project (The entire paper, without the appendices, is 12 MB).  :)  I received the National Society, Daughters of theAmerican Revolution, Prize in May for "excell[ing] in the area of Operations Analysis."  Here is a picture of me receiving the award with the Academic Dean, the Math and Sciences Division Director, and the Mathematics Department Chairman. 

(Yes, I know, kind of tacky advertising one's own accolades, but honestly, I was just excited that someone besides me had my picture up on the web and I figured I should explain it if I was going to link to it).   :)

    I spent last Summer working with the Naval Academy Debate Team on a temporary duty status while waiting to go to the Navy's Nuclear Power School.  I put together a Newsletter for Navy Debate Alumni and designed the Debate Team's web pages.

    I'm currently in Charleston, SC attending the Navy's Nuclear Power School.  I'll be here at least through June, hopefully through December '99.

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