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Links to some of my Interests
(More to come) 

Note:  I've been wanting to update these pages for quite some time, but unfortunately my webpage is rather low on the priority scale right now, go figure...

Bible Doctrine Links:
    All of my Bible Doctrine Links have moved to my new Bible Doctrine Homepage

    Websites I've developed:  Navy Debate Team Hompeage; Bible Doctrine Homepage
    Magazines I'm subscribed to:  PCMagazine, PCWorld, PCComputing
    My computer is a Dell, but I wouldn't buy from them again since I can't upgrade their proprietary components

   You've heard about the growing Swing movement?  Lots of fun!!


            USPA & IRA-    My Financial Planning Company
            Crash Course in Wills and Trusts-  A very informative site on an important, however grisly subject
            IRS Forms and Publications-
            Investment Calculator- Want to be a Millionnaire?
                            Check out how easy it is if you start investing young!!

Military Links:

seawolf2.gif (27061 bytes) Navy Submarines-   What, you don't want to spend weeks under the water?

1999 Military Pay Rates-   Show me the money!!!  :)



  The Internet Movie Database   It claims to be the ultimate movie reference source and I'm inclined to agree
  The Top 50 All Time Grossing Movies

Some of my favorite bands:
    Eve 6
    Matchbox 20
    Third Eye Blind
    Goo Goo Dolls
Here is a more complete list of my musical interests at

Operations Research:
Abstract of my Honors Project
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences
INFORMS Career Booklet
Institute for Defense Analysis- I interned here the summer of my Senior Year



reagan_closeup.gif (27793 bytes)       Well, I'm much more moderate now than I used to be, which I think stems from my belief that an open mind is important.  I agree with most of the Republican Platform, though I am getting somewhat disgusted with the state of "politics" in our country today.

CNN's All Politics
Heritage Foundation
Ronald Reagan Homepage

Science Fiction:
   Lurker's Guide to Bablyon 5- The best site for one of the best TV shows ever written
   The Official Star Wars Website- No spoilers for the new movies, but some great information
   The Star Wars Database- A really good site with everything necessary and links to the rest


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