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Photo Album


My Family:

-brother Jeremy
-father RD
-mom Carol

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Commissioning Day:

Perhaps the most euphoric feeling of my life.  To finally be done!!!!

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The Eberlys:

My Sponsor Family while at the Academy

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The Eberly Pool:

(I think the picture says it all)    :)

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Some of my Annapolis friends on an East Coast version of a "camping" trip

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My Cousin:

Dan Meier graduated Air Force ROTC at Illinois Institute of Technology (I got to give him his commissioning oath in Dec '98!)

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Navy Debate Team:

Our Fall Picnic Fall 1998

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The Heart and Soul of my Navy Debate Team; and some of my best friends

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Adam Johnston:

Current Navy Debate Captain, 4.0 Honors History Major, and all-around great guy.  He'll be going to grad school at Oxford next year.

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Carmella House:

One of my better friends from the Academy

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Heather Hayes:

A good friend and (a pretty good debater) from Trinity University


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Andrea Osisek:

A friend who is studying real forensics (as opposed to the debating kind) at Shippensburg University

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The Gang:

Some of my best friends from Jr. High and High School

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The Collinses:

Ahh, too many of my friends are maried!!!
The newly wed Dan and Daryl Collins

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More Friends:

Jeannette, Karen & Pete, at my house for a high school reunion of sorts.

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Amy Peavey:

A good friend of mine from High School, is going to Whitman University:

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The Soesbes:

More married friends, Brent and Nami Soesbe


T-soesbe.jpg (20663 bytes) The Phillips:

My brother with Chris and Jen Phillips and their little girl

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